Orientation: The purpose of the Orientation is to Inform those summoned of the process of jury service and to qualify them as jurors. Three times a year the Circuit Clerk and Judges conduct Jury Orientation held in the main Courthouse. The Circuit Clerk and Judges will discuss the various aspects of jury service. The qualified jurors will then be sworn in to serve their term of service.

Terms of Service for each year:

  • January 1st – April 30th
  • May 1st – August 31st
  • September 1st – December 31st

Jury Notification

Jurors can have two choices to be notified:

  1. Call or voice message to their home telephone
  2. Call or voice message to their cell phone

For the latest information related to trials or the current session, call the Clark County Juror Information Line at 870-568-0533.


Jury service is a high duty of citizenship. Jurors aid in the maintenance of law and order and uphold justice among their fellow citizens.

  1. Clark County Registered Voter
  2. 18 years of age or older
  3. Citizen of the United States
  4. Resident of Clark County Arkansas
  5. Sound mind and good moral character
  6. Able to read and write the English language
  7. Must not have served as a juror in Clark County in the last two years
  8. Must not have been convicted of a felony that has not been pardoned or expunged.

Only a Judge can excuse a person from jury service. The law does not allow a person to be excused for economic reasons or business reasons. However, you may speak to the Judge in the Court to your particular situation but there are no guarantees that you will be excused.

NOTE TO EMPLOYERS: It is unlawful for any employer to discharge, threaten to discharge, intimidate or coerce any employee for attendance or scheduled attendance in connection with jury service. The Circuit Clerk’s Office can provide upon request, a certified letter showing the attendance for those jurors whose employers require them.

Payment Amounts and Length of Service

  • Payment is set by the State of Arkansas and the Quorum Court of Clark County.
    Jurors seated to hear the trial are paid $50.00/day. Those who report but are not selected are paid $15.00/day. Checks are run monthly for those seated or reported.
  • Length of Service – Most trials are one to four days, with some exception. Due to the number of jurors summoned, most jurors will generally appear one or two times during his/her term, but this is dependent on the number of trials conducted.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q: May I bring a cell phone to Court?
A; You may bring a cell phone to the courtroom; however, it must be turned off.

Q: What is the appropriate dress for serving jury duty?
A: There are no set rules about dress in court. Business casual is a good dress directive. You should be comfortable. Please avoid shorts, halter tops, inappropriate t-shirts and muscle shirts. Please remember that you are going to a place of respect, so dress accordingly.

Q: How did my name get chosen?
A: The Clark County Judge has chosen to use Registered Voters. The Circuit Clerk downloads a master list from the Arkansas Voter Registration database of Clark County voters. This process is done at a random pull of the entire database. This process happens every four months.

Q: How do I postpone my jury service?
A: Arkansas law does allow an option that is called deferment of term. However, this does not excuse you from your obligation to serve as a juror. This option simply allows you to transfer your term due to current circumstances.

Q: Will I be provided lunch?
A: No. You will be allowed to go to lunch on your own during lunch break.

Q: Am I required to speak to the attorney’s/reporters after the case is concluded?
A: No. You are not required to speak to anyone after the case if contacted to do so. It is simply by your choice.

Q: Is there an age limit to serve as juror?
A: In the State of Arkansas there is no exemptions on age other than you must be at least 18 years of age or older.

Q: What is the temperature of the courtroom?
A: Most Judges will keep their courtroom cold, so please bring a jacket or sweater.

Q: What if I have vacation or a doctor’s appointment scheduled.
A: Contact the Jury Coordinator at 870-246-4281.